Commence the day with a splash of opulence at The Sakala Villas. Experience one-time finest floating breakfast Bali has offered for every direct booking through the website. Indulge in a luxury breakfast with style as you laze on the villa’s plunge pool.

IDR 380,000 ++ per couple
IDR 975,000 ++ per couple
*including a bottle of Sparkling wine

Serve from 7 AM to 10 AM

Breakfast Experience Menu


Hot Beverages
Please choose 2 from following selections
Coffee / Hot tea / Hot Chocolate

Fresh Fruit Juice
Please choose 2 from following selections
Orange / Apple / Watermelon


Continental Breakfast

Fresh Fruit
Platter of fresh fruit slices

Home-Made Pastries
Croissant, Danish pastries, Doughnuts

Pancake with Butter, Marmalade & Honey

Yogurt Muesli
Strawberry and muesli compote with natural yogurt


Main Course
Please choose 2 from following selections

Egg Benedict
Poached eggs, bacon and mushrooms serve with Hollandaise Souce on muffin bread

Egg Lover
Trio of egg, tomato & pepper scramble egg, a poached egg serve with hollandaise sauce, and a friend egg and bacon. All of them serve of a homemade muffin bread

Sakala Nasi Goreng
Chicken Nasi Goreng 

Vegetarian Breakfast
Nasi Goreng with tempura vegetable 

Vegan Breakfast
Vegan breakfast tacos, and tomatoes